Our Ejector (Pushout) Trailer is hands down the best in the industry. Open or closed, steel or aluminum the choices are endless. All of our trailers at Spectec feature the highest quality components from the ground up. Whatever you may need, Spectec can custom build your ejector to suit it! Call or email us today for your quote!


As a staple of the waste and demolition sectors, the Ejector (Pushout) trailer remains today, the most efficient and reliable source for accomplishing some of the hardest tasks in the industry.

Some available features and points of interest are:

  • Your trailer can be built from aluminum, mild steel, or AR400 for real strength and durability.
  • With an ejection rate of around 5 minutes you can be in and out of any unloading site in minutes.
  • A solid weld design with the ability to waterseal the gate and bulkhead allows this trailer to be virtually waterproof.
  • Open tops come with many tarp or roof options.
  • Gates can be built to your specifications to meet your landfill or job criteria.
  • Can be operated from tractor tanks or totally self contained.

As the sole inventor of the open top pushout, Saul Spector (owner) takes great pride in the fact that our pushout trailers are the best and strongest built in the business. Call or email us today for your quote!

Open top ejector for scrap or demolition shown with oil tank and mouse trap style tarp system.
Shown with one (1) piece hydraulic flip top. Also available in two (2) piece split roof.